Every Thursday, for one and a half  hour a group of 6 girls, a psychiatrist and a psychologist sit in a circle in a psychiatrist hospital at the South of Mexico City. 

Bulimia Nervosa and binge eating disorder  are the surf of the iceberg of the different issues we all have. Add to that mayor depression, anxiety, BPD, PST, drug, alcohol and pill abuse. 

Girls who smell like cigarretes, who have scars and fresh cuts, girls with short nails and gressy messy hair, dark bags under the eyes and a fun dark humor and sarcasm. Baggy clothes, massive jackets and notebooks full of dark thoughts and weird art. 

I dare to say, we know how this fucked up world works. We know it. We know life is not pink and we’ll be on our way to recovery eating rice cakes with organic jam and smoothies. A bright smile and a mind full of positive thoughts and self love. 

All of us have been suffering from an eating disorder for more than 5 years. Started at a very young age and continued on and on till we got to the point where we just don’t care. 

So what do you do when you perfectly know you are sick and you know the consequences but still you keep going? Not because you think you don’t deserve to recovery (at all) just because you just don’t give a shit anymore. 

When you are so tired of everything and everyone and you are exhausted of the same shit. But you just don’t have enough strength to keep going? 

How do you change that? How do you find your way back to living again? 

How do you find your way back to yourself again? 


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