The heat is starting to show up. The cold days are gone and I am not happy about it at all. 20°C to 30°C, a really hard sun and traffic. Traffic everywhere​. All the bloody time. With the air conditioner at 1000 per hour and B screaming his lungs out because the poor thing had been sweating all morning like crazy. 

The nights are as well hotter. We sleep with only a little frazada and super light PJ’s, lots of water for me, frozen strawberries on the night table, the soundtrack of Amelie and the window open hoping Mamá gato won’t jump in with us. 

Benjamín is 5 months. I can barely believe how we made it this far without him being sick or without having to supplement with formula. No sir. Everything natural here. Only breastfeeding. I am honestly proud as fuck of myself.  Even if he might not sleep more than 5 hours at night, and he might not have any routine, and he’s way too attached to me. But that’s fine, that’s fine for me. Perfectly fine cause every kid is different. Everyone grows and developes in different ways and times. And B is healthy so I don’t ask for more. 

I am grateful for what I have now. All the love and light I have within us is amazing. And I can’t ask for more right now. 


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An honest journey through recovery from a couple of mental illness, trying to get myself and life back together while I am the mom of a little muppet called Benjamín. Born, raised and currently living in México City. 🐒

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